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About Sunsine Math
Sunshine Math Books

The books

The 76 printed books have been written to introduce students to mathematics in the context of original, engaging stories. The little books will help students to see the relationship between math and things in their world and to develop an understanding of:

  • mathematical concepts and mathematical processes (strategies for problem-solving, asking questions, justifying, estimating, using logical reasoning, communicating)
  • number sense, spatial sense and statistical sense
  • relevant use of the calculator.

Sunshine Math Books

The 91 e-books

The e-books and activities will provide students with a gradual learning sequence that develops their skills in mathematics and reading – a gradient of difficulty for learning and teaching these two key curriculum areas. Using technology effectively, with animations, voiceover, rhymes, and games, supports skill development and accessibility for all students. The e-books that are available in print are denoted by the symbol

Sunshine Math Activities

The Activities

The interactive activities are carefully designed for each math concept. Students are engaged in the learning of new skills and motivated to practice, creating an attentive learning environment. All of the activities provide an element of investigation and problem-solving and promote understanding.

Sunshine Math Teaching Notes

Teaching Notes

Ideas for introducing the concept, using the e-books and activities are given in these teaching notes. There are suggestions for taking a Guided Reading session to help students read the books and understand the mathematics introduced in each one. They then progress to working on the activities in small groups using the browser on any device or computer. There are also follow-up activities for teachers to use in the classroom.

Sunshine Math Assessment


There are photocopiable sheets with ideas for assessing each mathematical topic in the Assessment book. Benchmarks can be easily established and progress monitored.

Sunshine Math Print Activities

Print Activities

Photocopiable print activities are collected in a book for each learning space. They can be used to further develop concepts and math language from the texts. There is a strong emphasis on counting and number. The publisher grants permission for teachers to photocopy the pages for use in the classroom.